Strikeforce Alliance Pharmacy
Strikeforce Alliance has a motivated team of leaders to work across all of our hardware and car care retailers to tailor solutions which will execute & measure your business strategy

Field Services

Strikeforce Australia's motivated National sales team services all states and territories in Australia. As the charge into the hardware market by Woolworths and Metcash gains momentum the experience of this motivated team as leaders within the Grocery and Independent‘s retailers will clearly deliver strategic advantages for our clients on the shelves.

Account Management

Strikeforce has resourced the Hardware division with the industries finest. Experience that covers 10 years and incorporates involvement in the Hardware Association and membership of the hardware Legends Club are only indicators as to the relationships with Mitre 10, Bunning's and other Independent Retailers that Strikeforce delivers.

Sales Administration

With capabilities to forecast, invoice, warehouse and distribute your products across the Australian hardware market you can rely on our ability to meet all facets of your service needs.

Field Communication and Reporting

CAMS is a state of the art Field communication system delivering real time results in a secure and transparent manner. The benefits that this system has delivered to the Grocery and the Independent market has been astounding, from the flood of digital photos to the accurate distribution, promotional and out of stock reporting it will enhance every client that Strikeforce services in this channel. The effect of immediate messaging through the 500 plus PDA phones allows immediate and current communication on competitive activity, new lines yours or competitors and the ability to process direct orders in a sophisticated and effective manner. Leading edge technology delivering on measurable results.